Area 36 Rentals Prices Falling in January

Jan 2017 Compared to Jan 2016 saw Lease prices down slightly In Area 36 housing. It took about the same amount of time to lease staying on the market about 68 days for houses over 2500 sq ft compared to housing under 2500 at 56 in 2017. Average rent price for under 2500 in 2017 $1,632 compared to $1,749 in 2016 number of units rented stayed steady. Over 2500 sq ft units rented about the same but prices fell from $2,642 to $2,446 in 2017. With all the luxury apartments going up and a bit slower economy we should a slight decrease in rents in 2017. Owners may have to make some deals with applicants and tenants or find their property vacant longer.

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